Car Licences – rules by jurisdiction


The official nomenclature for car licences varies in the states and territories, for example, "Driver's Licence" or "Driver Licence". However, "Driver's Licence" is most commonly used.

The official names for learners also vary, for example, "Learner Driver Licences" or "Learner's Permit".

Driving age

The minimum driving age for drivers varies between states and territories. Learner drivers may drive, under the supervision of a fully licensed driver, from 15 years and 9 months in the ACT, and 16 years in the other states and the Northern Territory. The minimum unsupervised driving age is 18 years in Victoria, 16 years and 6 months in the Northern Territory, and 17 years in all other states and the ACT.

After obtaining a licence, drivers continue to be subject to restrictions during a probationary period, which is two years in the Northern Territory and Western Australia, three years in the ACT, New South Wales and South Australia, and four years in Victoria.

Licensing authorities

Jurisdiction Authority
Australian Capital Territory ACT Roads and Transit Authority (RTA)
New South Wales Roads and Maritime Services
Northern Territory Northern Territory Department of Transport
Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads
South Australia Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure
Tasmania Department for Infrastructure, Energy and Resources
Victoria VicRoads
Western Australia Department of Transport
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