Privacy Policy

For, the guests’ privacy is extremely important. The Privacy Policy (PP) presented below provides the regulations according to which the resource receives and gathers personal data & usage of it.

1. The utilization of Log Files (LF) applies LF the same way the other sites do. For the purposes of trends analysis, administration of the resource, tracking of guests’ movement throughout given resource & gathering informational data, LF carry the data about:

  • I. IP address
  • II. Provider of services of the Internet
  • III. Time + date
  • IV. Version of a guest’s browser
  • V. Made mouse clicks.

Any information gathered isn’t linked to identification data.

2. Issue of Cookies (C’s) & Beacons (B’s) applies C’s for the storage of data concerning the preferences of guests, recording specific information on the guests, what webpages’re visited by guests, customization of the content according to the guests’ browser, or other data obtained from the guests via the browser.

3. The issue of DART C’s

3.1. C’s are applied by Google and the third sides for the sake of adverts provision on

3.2. The application of DART C’s helps provide adverts to the guests on the basis of their visits to and other resources on the Internet.

3.3. Guests are free to stop utilizing DART C’s by visiting the Google Ads and content network’s PP.

3.4. C’s & B’s are allowed to be applied to our web resource by our partners (Adsense).

3.5. The third-party advertising networks and servers can utilize cookie files for the advertising aims, and any links on are sent to the guests’ browsers. The IP address is obtained automatically when such a situation happens. Third-party advertising networks are also free to apply other technologies (such as C’s, JavaScript, and Web B’s in order to evaluate adverts’ efficiency and personalization of adverts content.

3.6. The C’s utilized by the third parties aren’t allowed to be accessed or controlled by

For the detailed information concerning those third-party advert servers’ policy, their instructions, and ways to stop their activity, the guests are to address for the consultation to the third parties mentioned. The policy applied to is never applicable to the third-party resources and has no right to control the activities of other marketers.

3.7. To disable C’s, any guest can use the browser options. More information concerning C’s is available on the official site of your browser.

4. The application of FB plugins

4.1. The webpages of our resource contain social media plugins of Facebook. They might be identified by a FB logo and a ‘Like’ button.

4.2. The described plugins are applied as soon as you visit the webpages of our resource. The latest link the browser used by the guest is to the FB servers. Thus, FB will get the information on the fact that our resource was visited from the IP address of the guest. Clicking a ‘Like’ button when you’re logged in your FB account, the profile will be able to show our site content through the link. The visits to our resource by guests can also be allocated by FB to your profile.

4.3. It is necessary to note that being this website provider, we are not aware of the transferred data content as well as the way Facebook uses this data.

4.5. If you disagree with the fact your visits to our resource are allocated by FB to your account, make sure to log out the account and then start applying the options we provide.

5. The application of Analytics

5.1. The site utilizes Google Analytics analyzing Internet resources from Google Inc. Such a service utilizes C’s known as small text files created on your PC and used for the sake of analysis of the user’s visits to our resource. Any data received from C’s automatically appear on Google servers in the USA where they are stored.

5.2. This data are utilized by Google for evaluation of your site application and compilation of the site activity reports for this resource owner and connected services. The information can be also sent to third parties by Google if it is allowed by law or they function on behalf of our company. The IP of the guests will never be connected to any other data collected by it.

5.3. The adjustment of the browser settings is able to prevent the C’s application. It’s important to understand that if you use such an option, you might be deprived of applying all the resource’s functionality. Another way to avoid C’s and important information transfer to Google is to install a special plugin for your browser.

6. Copyright

6.1. Texts, pics, and other materials presented on are protected by the Copyright.

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