FREE ACT Practice Learner Permit Knowledge Test 2

ACT Learners Test Fact Sheet

Number of questions: 45
Answer correctly to pass: 36
Passing score: 80%
Check yourself with the free practice tests and make certain you’re really ready for the challenge of the real DKT.

ACT Learner’s Permit Practice Test No. 2

This road signs and rules Driver Knowledge Test comes for free, providing everyone a possibility to learn the rules, going through the test over and over (for as many times as it is needed for the learner to gain knowledge). Using this test, it is possible for a learner and for any driver, who already has a license, to refresh the knowledge and do the self-check.

The knowledge test offers the standard functionality, to which you’ve probably already got used: 45 questions with a possibility of multiple-choice among 3 answers (that is, there can be more than 1 correct answer to every question of practice tests). The set of practical questions includes such ones as when to turn, where to stop, which car’s turn to do the next action in the sequence, and so on.

Everything you see in this test can be met on the real DKT exam, sometimes, word to word.

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