Australian Capital Territory Test Simulator

ACT Learners Test Fact Sheet

Number of questions: 30
Answer correctly to pass: 24
Passing score: 80%

Don’t worry about your ACT DKT! With our test simulator, it will become the easiest thing in your life. No clues or explanations – just check your readiness and feel the atmosphere of the exam. Every try will provide you with new questions. Good luck!

The exam mode of ACT Test Simulator

This practice test is the closest projection of the real-exam mode. Here, you will no longer be given hints or clues for any question, so you can rely only on your knowledge and assuredness. The number of questions and answers on them is the same as on the real exam, so with this free practice test, you have the possibility to fully immerse yourself in the ambiance of an exam.

The result of the knowledge test is shown as soon as you pass it or fail it. In the case of both, passage and failure, you have a possibility to rerun the DKT, doing it for so many times as you feel needed. It’s better to fail now for several times than on the real exam, right?

Good luck with this Driver Knowledge Test and be good!

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