FREE NSW Practice Learner Permit Knowledge Test 1

NSW Learners Test Fact Sheet

Number of questions: 45
Answer correctly to pass: 41
Passing score: 91%
These Free practice tests offer 45 questions and are very close to those in the original questionnaire.

Free NSW DKT (RTA Driver Knowledge Test) workshop

Here is the most popular of our driver tests. This DKT test was created specifically to become the prototype of the theoretical part of the real knowledge test. There are 45 multiple-choice questions, divided into 2 blocks. The first block of the practice test contains 15 general questions, the second – 30 questions about road safety. Your knowledge of traffic rules and all the relevant information about the latest updates from the NSW Road Users’ Handbook will come in handy for this test simulator. You will be able to find out the results of the answers to the questions immediately upon completion of the test, so there is no need to wait. In addition to the correct answer, you will also have access to an explanation and a link to a chapter in the manual that confirms the correct answer.

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