Northern Territory Test Simulator

NT Learners Test Fact Sheet

Number of questions: 30
Answer correctly to pass: 26
Passing score: 87%

Ready to face the challenge? Use our test simulator first. An Exam Mode provides an original atmosphere and conditions of the exam. Skip the questions if you need and get the real scores. Forget about explanations and clues – it’s completely like during the real testing. Every time, you’ll be given different questions. So get started and good luck!

Test simulator for the Northern Territory of Australia

If you want to be confident in your knowledge and are ready to travel across the beautiful area of the NT, take advantage of our test simulator, which is available for free. These practice tests will give an idea of the real knowledge test you’ll have to face. As soon as you feel ready after our free practice tests, you can experience the atmosphere of the examination choosing the test simulator in an Exam Mode. The DKT simulator is as close as possible to the true exam and offers 45 questions with multiple choice with 3 answers each. Here you won’t get any explanations of clues. Just check your real knowledge. The number of tries is unlimited, and each time you’ll have different questions. Get absolutely ready for the Driver Knowledge Test and successfully get the driving license with our free support!

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