Queensland Test Simulator

QLD Learners Test Fact Sheet

Number of questions: 30
Answer correctly to pass: 27
Passing score: 90%

Feel like on the real examination with the test simulator! Select the Exam Mode to submerge into the atmosphere and get ready for the stressful situations. There are a set number of questions, which you can skip. No explanations or clues are provided, so try yourself and check your real readiness. The scores are the same as in the real test. Each time you’ll be provided with different questions. Just click and start!

QLD Test Simulator

Driver Knowledge Test will no longer scare you – thanks to this simulator, you can get to know more about the test taking procedure and stop being afraid of unknown questions. This DKT is based on a real-life test, so it will allow you to quickly get up to speed and be comfortable with this questionnaire. Such a knowledge test is your pass to comfortable obtaining of a driver’s license, which means the imminent discovery of the whole world: travel to the most picturesque places, being independence from public transport.

One of the main advantages of such practice tests is that they completely simulate a real test, from the quantity of questions to the format of them. For each question there are three possible answers, the duration of free practice tests depends only on how quickly you cope with the task – you can constantly repeat attempts until you are satisfied with the result. It is a sample of an authentic passing experience; this test simulator has no additional tips, so the process is as close to reality as possible. Good luck!

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