South Australia Test Simulator

SA Learners Test Fact Sheet

Number of questions: 50
Answer correctly to pass: 40
Passing score: 80%

If you feel ready for the exam, try our test simulator first to make sure you’ll successfully pass the DKT. There is a special Exam Mode provided with no hints or explanations, which gives an atmosphere of the real examination, you can skip any of 45 questions and get the corresponding scores. New questions are offered every time you try. Get started and good luck!

SA – Driver Knowledge Test

DKT special exam mode will allow you to experience the whole atmosphere of taking a real exam. This knowledge test is a kind of final stage before you go to take the exam and get a driver’s license. Why are practice tests so important? Your driver’s license is not just a piece of plastic; it is your freedom of movement, the ability to travel when and where you want. Our free practice tests completely imitate real tests – the same 45 questions, the same 3 answer options for each question. Do not miss the opportunity to use the test simulator and get to know the atmosphere of taking a real driving license exam. You can skip any question if you are not sure about the answer but the main feature of this test format is the lack of prompts. You can choose the exam mode if you are confident in your abilities, or continue training in the practice mode if you need more time to prepare. Good luck!

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