Victoria Test Simulator

VIC Learners Test Fact Sheet

Number of questions: 32
Answer correctly to pass: 25
Passing score: 78%

This test simulator is just like the original examination. Using the Exam Mode, you can feel the atmosphere and get completely ready for the serious DKT. There are a corresponding number of questions, which a learner is free to skip. There are no explanations or clues, so you’ll get ready for a stressful situation. Every time you pass, you get different questions. Just click and start!

VIC Test Simulator

Driver Knowledge Test is specially designed for you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a real test. The DKT mimics a real test, except for one detail – you can skip the questions and study them to get a better understanding of the material. This knowledge test no longer contains additional tips, so that you can try yourself in real work. A nice bonus – these practice tests are completely free. In addition, the free practice tests training regimen will stop as soon as you answer the required number of questions and you can see your result. It’s okay if the result is not perfect the first time – you can always take the test again, repeating interesting questions to be sure that the test will be passed successfully. In addition, you can enjoy the design of this program – it uses real photos and views that are found on the big roads. Have fun making the most of it!

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