FREE WA Practice Learner Permit Knowledge Test 1

WA Learners Test Fact Sheet

Number of questions: 45
Answer correctly to pass: 36
Passing score: 80%
Our knowledge test offers 45 identical questions the real DKT contains. And it’s completely free for your successful preparation!

Free DKT practice tests-1 for WA

For all the learners striving for getting ready for their Driver Knowledge Test, we offer free practice tests, which will provide the corresponding support in your preparation. These practice tests will help you in getting your driving license after the first try. Pass our knowledge tests, which are as similar as possible to the real ones. Each questionnaire contains 45 questions with multiple choice offering 3 possible answers each. The DKT simulator contains issues concerning road signs, rules, vehicles safety, etc. The questions are based on the official information of WA. We also offer a FAQ section, where you can find all the possible data concerning traffic and vehicle operation in Western Australia, and a test simulator.

Learner’s permit in WA

In order to get a chance to drive across the area of WA, you are to pass Learner’s Theory Test. On our site, you’ll find all the helpful information to prepare and learn the peculiarities of driving on this beautiful territory. Only people reaching 16 years of age or older, who proved their identity and successfully passed a vision test, have a right to pass the test. In addition, it’s required to be medically fit and pay all the corresponding fees.

Permit limits

The owners of the Learners Permit have a right to drive. However, there are certain rules, which it’s obligatory to follow. Otherwise, you can lose your Learner’s Permit.

Consider the requirements:

  • BAC: 0 (no alcohol)
  • Demerit points: 4
  • Plates: L-plates are to be clear on the front and back sides of a vehicle
  • Speed limitation: As indicated (up to 100 km/h)
  • Supervision: Any driver responsible for the supervision must accompany the learner’s permit holder through the whole process of driving. A supervisor is to be a licensed/authorized driving instructor or any person having the same class of license for a period of over 4 years.
  • Mobile phone application: Drivers have a right to use a mobile phone for calls only if it’s securely mounted or at least can be operated with voice. It isn’t allowed using text, video, and email or any similar communication methods while driving.
  • Location: Don’t drive within the borders of Kings Park
  • Class: Class C-cars are only acceptable (not buses, motorcycles, etc.)
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